We are the strategic and operative specialist for designing and realizing the potential of digital
transformation and technology in the German market. Our strategies are innovative, to the point and


We accompany our customers in difficult phases of transformation processes along the entire value
chain. Our clients include corporations, SMEs, (tech) specialists and the public sector.


Our consultants are passionate about the digital transformation of business models, customer needs,
products, processes and working methods and the associated potential for our customers.


The forward-looking strategy and management consultancy XD Next Digital Transform GmbH supports
its customers holistically and sustainably in topics of digitization and technology along their entire value
chain. The range of services extends from strategy development to conception to implementation
support. Our core services include:

  • Digital Transformation & Merger Management
  • Market development with digital business models
  • Product, Innovation & Requirements Management
  • Customer processes, re-organization & collaboration
  • Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking & Lean Startup
  • Program / Project Management & Change
  • Data-based control & A.I.
  • The Next Digital also has a comprehensive partner network for solving digital needs. Services via partners:

Market research on customers, brands & products: Survey of customers (on- / offline) on needs, brands,
products and price sensitivity
Experts for special topics: Provision of expert and specialist knowledge about special profiles
Brand development and education: Creative development of brands, brand images and brand attributes
Scientific studies: conducting studies, as well as generating scientific articles
DAX 30 companies, leading SMEs and hidden champions from the energy industry, IT / technology
companies, as well as the public sector, rely on our expertise in the digitized world.

At the Future Congress Digital Transformation, we welcome all innovators who face the digital
Future Congress The Future Congress “Digital Transformation” is an initiative of the “Digital
Transformation Alliance”, in short: DTA and the Fraunhofer Institute, which is dedicated to a very
important future-oriented topic: Digital Transformation. Because digital transformation means immense
challenges for companies and is very comprehensive and challenging to implement. Precisely for this
reason, various Digital Transformation experts in the DTA have come together to help companies master
the different tasks in a digital transformation environment in the best possible way.

Due to the diversity and complexity, a digital transformation will only be successful if various experts
such as strategists, digital marketing experts, industry experts, organization designers, scientists,
cybersecurity experts, programmers and system integrators work together successfully.

Exactly this expert mix offers the Digital Transformation Alliance! In addition to the Fraunhofer Institute
for Industrial Engineering (IAO), the following companies are on board:

Strategy & Transformation Consulting (strategy and transformation consulting),
Michael Bartsch Cybersecurity Consulting & Training,

CI Consulting (IT Management and Solution Consulting) and
SOA Innovation Lab (Research Institute).
The aim of the Future Congress is to bring together innovators who are aware of the significant
implications of digitization for private and business life in an appealing setting. However, as with the
vast majority of congresses, not only theoretical fundamentals will be imparted through lectures, but
also tools and methods for practical use will be presented, thus providing support for the digital
transformation in one’s own company.